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Student Services
Student Services

Application for Student Residence

Application and Payment Period (for local Undergraduate students): 15 August (3:00 p.m.) - 17 August 2024

Late application and/or late payment will NOT be accepted.


Application Method: 

  1. Activate the Single-Sign-On Account for IT Services in order to apply for Student Residence.
  2. Click HERE to access the Student Residence Application System.
  3. Read carefully the Application Information before the submission of application.
  4. An acknowledgment email will be sent to you after your submission.  Please contact the Student Accommodation Section if you do not receive the acknowledgement email.




Payment of Lodging Fee:

  1. After you have submitted the Student Residence application, a debit note will be posted to your Student Residence Application Page HERE.
  2. Read the debit note and follow the payment instruction to settle the deposit payment before the payment due date.

    For successful applicants, another debit note for the lodging fee will be posted HERE for payment shortly. Please settle the lodging fee payment by the prescribed deadline, otherwise, the residential place offered to you will be cancelled and the deposit paid will be forfeited.

    For waitlisted and unsuccessful applicants, the deposit paid will be refunded to your Hong Kong bank account registered on students' BUinPort. You are required to update your valid Hong Kong bank account information in the BUniPort no later than 16 September 2024. Failure to do so will result in forfeiture of the deposit. The User Guides for updating bank account information is available HERE.
  3. Payment of deposit after the payment due date will NOT be accepted.


For further information on Student Accommodation, please visit Student Accommodation Section of the Office of Student Affairs.