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Student Services
Student Services

Learning Pathways

The University adopts innovative and flexible programme design to allow students to complete their study through different pathways.  First year undergraduate students admitted from Academic Year 2022/23 onwards may choose a learning pathway to suit their needs, aptitudes and aspirations.



For students who want to enter specific professions or industries or have an in-depth training in a discipline.  To be in line with the future needs of the society, the curricula under this pathway will be constantly refreshed.



For students who seek greater flexibility for the future and desire programmes spanning more than one disciplinary area.  The transdisciplinary degrees enable advancement of learning beyond professional silos, involve heavier emphasis on collaboration across disciplines, build competencies, draw on HKBU research strengths, and are shaped by the input of industry partners.



For students who are more mission or goal-oriented, seek to architect their own learning experiences, and push the boundaries to address the problems of tomorrow.  Under this pathway, the Future-focused programme allows the greatest flexibility in terms of the fields of study and the learning methods.  It offers a range of experiential and immersive learning methods structured around authentic problems and challenges to help construct meaningful connections.  Students address these problems together with students from a wide range of disciplinary backgrounds.