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TPG Studies

Transfer of Units/Course Exemption

Transfer of units or course exemption may be granted to students if they have previously taken relevant and comparable course(s) from a recognised institution no more than eight years before the date of commencement of their studies at the University; or if they have successfully completed a pre-approved exchange and/or study abroad programme during their course of study. Please refer to the University Student Handbook for details.


Students seeking transfer of units or course exemption are required to have successfully completed the courses(s) concerned at a recognised institution, and attain a course result which is equivalent to B- or above in the University’s grading system. Where appropriate, students may be required to sit for and achieve satisfactory results in the University’s proficiency test(s) or qualifying examination(s) before their application for transfer of units is approved.


Application Procedure


Students are advised to seek the Programme/Department’s advice on the studies prior to applying for transfer of units/course exemption. Please submit the Application for Transfer of Units/Course Exemption with relevant and adequate supporting information to the Taught Postgraduate Studies Section via the Programme/Department on or before the end of the first add/drop period of your first year of study (or for pre-approved exchange/study abroad programmes, within two weeks upon completion of the exchange/ study abroad programme). 


For students who intend to apply for an exchange and/or study abroad programme, pre-approval for transfer of units or course exemption should be sought at least four weeks before the start of exchange/study abroad programme. Students should contact the Programme/Department for advice and apply as appropriate.