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Before Submission of Admission Application

  1. How to find out the application information and admission requirements of the taught postgraduate programme?
  2. How can I apply for the programme?
  3. What are the English language proficiency requirements for admission to taught postgraduate programmes?
  4. Do I need to attend an interview?
  5. What kind of supporting documents will be needed for considering my application?
  6. Should I arrange my degree awarding institutions to send my official academic transcript(s) to Taught Postgraduate Studies Section directly?
  7. How do I know if I am non-local or local applicant?
  8. Can I change my applied programme during the application/after submitting the application?
  9. Can I apply for multiple programmes in one application?
  10. My IELTS/TOEFL test report will be available later but the application deadline is approaching. Can I submit my application first?
  11. I am a final year undergraduate/postgraduate student. Can I apply for the programmes now or do I need to wait until my degree is conferred?
  12. How can I submit the supporting documents if the number/size of files exceeds the upload limit?
  13. How much is the application fee?
  14. When do I need to pay the application fee and how can I make the payment?
  15. Are there any other methods to pay the application fee?
  16. How should I pay the application fee if my online transaction was rejected?
  17. Do I need to nominate referee(s) for my application?
  18. Can I apply for scholarships?
  19. How can I submit my portfolio/work in multimedia format in the Online Application System?
  20. When will I graduate?

You may search for our programmes HERE by selecting different programme type(s) and/or field(s) of study in order to view the programme-specific admission requirements.

Please apply through the Online Application System. If there is no internet access in your residing area, please contact the Taught Postgraduate Studies Section for assistance.

The English language proficiency requirements of individual programmes vary. Please refer to the programme-specific requirements as appropriate. To fulfill the requirement, applicants should normally:

  1. Hold a bachelor’s degree which is awarded by a recognised institution where English is the medium of instruction; or
  2. Provide any of the following valid test results (i.e. within two years from the issuance of the admission offer):
    • TOEFL: 79 (Internet‐based) or above; or
    • IELTS (Academic): Overall Band at 6.5 or above.

The admission selection process varies among programmes. In case an admission interview is required, shortlisted applicants will be informed by the Programme Office directly.

In general, applicants should submit a copy of the:

  1. Degree certificate(s), graduation diploma(s), and academic transcript(s) 
  2. English proficiency test result (e.g. TOEFL/IELTS) if applicable.
  3. Hong Kong identity card (for local applicants); passport/other identity documents of home country (for non-local applicants)

Please click HERE for details of the required supporting documents.

This is not required at the application stage. However, please provide a copy of your academic transcript(s) as this will help the University to understand your previous/current academic performance. 

Non-local students are defined as students holding student visa / entry permit, visa under the Immigration Arrangements for Non-local Graduates, or dependent visa who are aged 18 years old or above before 1 September of the year of which they are admitted to relevant post-secondary programmes in Hong Kong issued by the Director of Immigration.

Upon activating your personal account at the Online Application System, you are required to indicate the programme you wish to apply for by clicking “programme applied for” (see Screen 1 and 2 below). Once you have chosen the programme, you cannot make any changes afterwards (see Screen 3 below).

[Screen 1 - Click to Enlarge]
[Screen 1 - Click to Enlarge]

[Screen 2 - Click to Enlarge]
[Screen 2 - Click to Enlarge]

[Screen 3 - Click to Enlarge]
[Screen 3 - Click to Enlarge]

Application is considered on a programme basis. Therefore, you can only apply one programme at a time. 

If the applied programme has different streams/concentrations/specialisations, please indicate your preference in the same application. 

If you intend to apply for multiple programmes, please create separate accounts at the Online Application System. You have to pay for the application fee separately for each programmes.

You may submit your application. However, please mark ‘pending’ for the testing result(s), state the expected date for receiving the test report in your application (see Screen below) and upload a proof of your test appointment/schedule as the supporting document.

[Click to Enlarge]
[Click to Enlarge]

You may submit your application. However, please state the expected date for graduation in your application (see Screen below).

[Click to Enlarge]
[Click to Enlarge]

Please note that there is a space limit of 20 MB (2 MB per file) and a maximum file numbers of 30 for uploading the supporting documents. In this connection, you are advised to combine your files and/or compress the file size as appropriate.

HK$450 for each application.

To avoid delay in processing your application, you are advised to immediately pay the application fee once you click “Submit Form” at the Online Application System (see Screen 1 below) to confirm your submission.


Please make use of ‘Online Payment’ (see Screen 2 below) and immediately pay the application fee online by using credit card (i.e. VISA, MASTER), WeChat Pay/Alipay or CUP card:

  • Credit Card: Select ‘Online Payment’ and choose ‘BEA - JETCO Payment Gateway’.
  • Alipay/WeChat Pay: Select ‘Online Payment’ and choose 'Wallyt'.
  • CUP card: Select ‘Online Payment’ and choose ‘UnionPay Online Payment (UPOP)’. Please ensure your internet browser version is Internet Explorer 7.0 or above

[Screen 1 - Click to Enlarge]
[Screen 1 - Click to Enlarge]

[Screen 2 - Click to Enlarge]
[Screen 2 - Click to Enlarge]

To avoid delay in processing your application, please select the Online Payment methods to settle the application fee immediately.

Please try again or use the other online payment method. 

You are requested to nominate up to two referees for your application. Please note that some programmes may have specific requirements on the number and/or the capacity of the referees.  

Please also read through the TPg FAQ - After Submission of Application for details of the nomination of referee(s).

For information about scholarships, please refer to the website of the Office of Student Affairs.

Due to the space limit, you cannot directly upload multimedia files in the Online Application System. However, if it is essential to submit such files, please store your files in any storage platform and share the hyperlink of the file(s) in the “Additional Information” section in the Online Application System.

The awarding of a postgraduate degree is on the basis of fulfilment of the graduation requirements and the approval of the Senate. Students having all grades finalised and meeting the graduation requirements will be recommended for graduation by the department/programme for approval by the Senate via the Taught Postgraduate Studies Committee and Quality Assurance Committee. Please click here for the Schedules for Graduation and Diploma Issuance.