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Quality Assurance

Section 5

Disciplinary Actions

Disciplinary Actions

Any student who commits an act of academic dishonesty would have violated academic integrity and would be subject to academic disciplinary actions.


The gist of these penalties is as follows:


Sub-degree/Undergraduate/Taught Postgraduate Studies by Coursework/Research Postgraduate Students taking Coursework



  1. If academic dishonesty is found in course-based assessment, an “F” grade could be assigned to the course.
  2. For more serious or repeated cases, more stringent disciplinary action will be taken in addition to assigning an “F” grade for the course.

Postgraduate Studies by Research

If academic dishonesty is found in a thesis/dissertation, the Board of Examiners could fail the student concerned and allow for a re-submission of work or terminate the candidacy of the student concerned.


Legal Consequences

In some cases, plagiarism may constitute violations of laws protecting intellectual property, leading to legal consequences including fines, or even criminal penalties in extreme cases.