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Student Services
Student Services

Course Pre-registration


  1. The Course Pre-registration exercise is conducted in mid-July (for Fall semester) and mid-November (for Spring semester).  The exact dates will be announced via email nearer the time.
  2. Results of Course Pre-registration are released in late August and late December each year via the BUniPort.
  3. Failing to complete the Course Pre-registration exercise, students can only complete the course registration during the Course Add/Drop period after classes have begun.  However, it should be noted that many courses will be full and thus NOT available for registration by that time.


  1. Incoming exchange students are required to participate in the Course Pre-registration exercise to indicate their course preference before the commencement of their studies at HKBU.
  2. Students are required to take a minimum of 12 units per semester in order to maintain the full-time study status.  Students are advised to register for 18 units during the Course Pre-registration Exercise as some classes may be cancelled later.
  3. Some courses may have a pre-requisite requirement (i.e. students should have completed course A before they are allowed to take course B).  During the Online Course Pre-Registration, all the pre-requisite requirements are WAIVED.  Students are advised to add the course first.
  4. Each student’s registered course list and the student’s transcript will be sent to the respective academic departments for assessment.  If the academic departments consider that a student has NOT met the requirement for a particular course, the student will be removed from that course before the final course enrolment results are released at the beginning of a semester.
  5. Students can still adjust the course enrolment in the first 2 weeks of the semester during the Course Add/Drop period.
  6. The course enrolment is subject to the final class schedule as well as the approval of academic departments.  Students must discuss with their home institutions to allow flexibility in the study plan in case some preferred courses cannot be registered.