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TPG Studies

Course Enrolment

Each study programme has its own graduation requirements, in terms of the number of units required for its prescribed categories of courses (e.g. core, elective, project). All students are required to register for courses each term according to the study schedule of their programmes.


Before you start your course registration:


  1. Check your study schedule carefully for the number of units required and the category of courses to be taken. 
  2. If you failed a course, you must repeat it in the remaining study period. If you failed an elective course and would like to replace it with another available elective course, please first seek approval from the Programme Office. 
  3. If you have any questions on your study schedule, please consult your Programme Office immediately.


  1. Login to the BUniPort
  2. Select "Studies" and then "My Studies"
  3. Select “My Study Schedule” or “My Graduation Requirements” 
  1. Login to the BUniPort
  2. Select "Studies" and then "My Studies"
  3. Click “Course Information”
  4. Select "Postgraduate" as the course level 
  5. Select the corresponding term and academic year
  6. Click "Submit" and the list of available courses will be shown
  7. Search for the relevant course code, view the course outline, quota, timetable, pre-requisite and co-requisite requirements and/or target student information on this page (sample)  





All newly admitted taught postgraduate students are required to complete the Academic Integrity Online Tutorial (AIOT) within the first two months of studies; otherwise they would not be able to register for courses in the next term. 


Pre-registered Courses


Courses required by the study programme will normally be pre-registered for students, except for certain courses which have to be selected by the students concerned. All pre-registered courses will be shown on BUniPort at the beginning of course registration exercises. 

Students who are required to select courses will do so during the Course Registration Exercises


  1. Login to the BUniPort
  2. Select "Studies" and then "My Studies"
  3. Select “My Enrolment Records & Class Timetable”
  4. Select the corresponding term / academic year from the dropdown list and click “Submit”
  5. See also: Location of Classrooms and Campus Map


Course Registration Exercises


a) Course Registration (for newly admitted taught postgraduate students)


Depending on the study programme and except for the pre-registered courses, newly admitted taught postgraduate students shall choose courses and/or course sections as needed using BUniPort's Course Add/Drop function before the first term begins. Please refer to the Academic Calendar for the exact dates of Course Registration for New Taught Postgraduate Students. 


Course Add/Drop Function


Please refer to the "Demo for Course Adding/Dropping" here. Upon completion of the course add/drop procedures, the enrolment records and timetable will be updated immediately.

  1. Login to the BUniPort
  2. Select "Studies" >> "My Studies" >> "Registration"
  3. Click "Course Add/Drop" 
  4. Check the enrolment records before exit


b) Course Early Registration (for returning students in their second term and onwards)


From the second term onwards, returning students who are required to choose courses and/or course sections will be invited by email to participate in the Course Early Registration on BUniPort. Please refer to the "Demo for Early Registration" Part 1 and Part 2. Students should indicate their course preferences on the Course Early Registration Platform as far as practicable.


  1. Login to the BUniPort
  2. Select "Studies" and then "My Studies"
  3. Click "Course Early Registration"
  4. Start selecting the course(s) and section(s) (sample). There is no auto-save function; you should submit your entry before you exit this window.


Course Early Registration is a computerised process which is not operated on a first-come first-served basis. The system will assign courses to students by taking into account a number of factors, such as the students’ preferences, quota limit, time conflict of selected courses, and target student groups of certain courses. In some cases, students may not be assigned to the courses of their preferences.


The Course Early Registration result together with the class timetable will be released on BUniPort about two weeks before classes begin. If any course adding/dropping is needed, students are required to do so during the regular add/drop period



Course Adding/Dropping (after Course Registration/ Course Early Registration)


If changes need to be made after the Course Registration/ Course Early Registration, students may add/drop course(s) using BUniPort's Course Add/Drop function during the regular add/drop period (please refer to the Academic Calendar for the exact dates).  Students must check the number of units and category of courses that should be taken for the term on the study schedule. Please be reminded NOT to drop the pre-registered courses required by the study programme.


Requests for adding course(s) after the add/drop period are normally not approved. 


Requests for dropping course(s) after the add/drop period will only be considered under exceptional circumstances, such as a student suffering from physical, personal or academic problems, or other unforeseen circumstances deemed acceptable to the Department/Programme. Applications for course withdrawal must be submitted via BUniPort (Studies > My e-Application > Online Form > ‘Application for Course Withdrawal’, online form no. 'GRECW') for approval at least four weeks before the start of the Semester/Trimester Examination Period as specified in the Academic Calendar. Late applications are not accepted.