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TPG Studies


Schedules for Approval of Graduation               Repeat Courses / Extension of Study Period


Students having all grades finalised and meeting the graduation requirements will be recommended for graduation by the department/programme for approval by the Senate via the Taught Postgraduate Studies Committee and Quality Assurance Committee. Please click here to view the latest schedule for approval of graduation.


For students who have not fulfilled the graduation requirements within the prescribed study period, please seek immediate advice from your department/programme.  Please click here for more details.


Preparation for Graduation


Students being recommended for graduation are expected to do the following:


  1. To verify your name via the University Cyber Port System (BUniPort):

    • Your English name (and Chinese name where applicable) on your Hong Kong Identity (HKID) Card is the default used for the University's record. The name(s) on your HKID card will be printed on the graduation diploma and used for education verification. 

    • For students who are holding a student visa, please make sure you have uploaded a copy of your HKID card via the University Visa Application System. The University will not issue any official academic records to students who are without a valid HKID.

    • If the name(s) does not match your submitted document, please inform the Taught Postgraduate Studies Section ( on or before 10 April of your graduation year and provide the correct version of your name(s) based on your submitted document.

    • If you have changed your name(s), please complete and return the Amendment of Personal Data Form and attach the legal document(s) evidence via email to on or before 10 April of your graduation year. Request for change of name(s) may not be possible if it is received after the destinated date.

  2. To back up your own materials in BU Moodle. The access of your BU Moodle account will expire on 31 December of your graduation year.

  3. To settle payment for any outstanding debit note(s). Please check your status via BUniPort or contact the Finance Office at for enquiry.

  4. To return borrowed library materials and pay the overdue fine, if any. Please check your status via your Library Account, or contact the Library at 3411 7444 for enquiry.

Confirmation of Graduation Status


  1. Please login to the HKBU Digital Credential System ( by using your HKBU SSOid to access your electronic graduation letter and/ or electronic academic transcript. The electronic graduation letter will be available normally one week after the Senate has approved your graduation. An email notification from the University will be sent to you. 

  2. To apply for a printed copy of an official academic transcript and/or testimonial, please click here

  3. The University will communicate with graduates regarding the Commencement via the HKBU student email account. If graduates no longer use the HKBU student email account as the primary email account, please redirect the emails from the HKBU account by following the steps here.

After Graduation


  1. To allow your potential employers, education institutions, professional/government bodies to verify your awarded HKBU degree, please do it through the HKBU Digital Credential System ( Please click here for more information about Education Verification. 
  2. To stay in touch with the University, please notify the Alumni Affairs Office (AAO) ( if there is any update in your contact information (e.g. mobile number, address, etc).
  3. To update your name(s) on your academic record, please email your request to the Taught Postgraduate Studies Section and attach relevant document(s) to