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Student Services
Student Services

Course Add/Drop


  1. Adding and dropping of courses is allowed during the first 2 weeks of classes.  Students can complete the add/drop procedures online via BUniPort.  The course add/drop is real-time and first-come-first served.
  2. Before adding courses, students may refer to the course information in BUniPort for course requirement details.  Successful enrolment on the course is subject to fulfillment of all registration requirements, e.g. whether the course is offered to exchange students or not, pre-requisite, target student requirement, study load and availability of class quota, etc.
  3. No adding or dropping of courses could be arranged AFTER the Course Add/Drop period. Students who cannot continue a course can apply for Course Withdrawal by use of the Online Form via BuniPort.  Course Withdrawal is subject to the endorsement of the course instructor and the final approval from the Academic Registrar.  Course approved for course withdrawal will be assigned a "W" grade in the academic transcript.  The application deadline for Course Withdrawal is at least 4 weeks before the start of the University end-of-semester examinations.


  1. Online Application Forms will be opened during the Course Add/Drop period.
  2. Result of the applications will be sent to students via email.
  3. Upon approval of their applications, students MUST login to the BUniPort to ADD the course(s) by themselves.
  4. Online Application Forms available for use via (BUniPort > Studies > My e-Application > Online Form).

    Applications in relation to Course Registration  

PAY ATTENTION to the Pop-up error message(s) when you FAILS the course registration via BUniPort


  1. If you need to enroll over 18 units, you should submit an Online Application for Excess Study Load;
  2. If an error message says, fails pre-requisite, you should submit an Online Application for Waiving the Pre-/Co-requisite Requirements;
  3. If an error message says, not for international students, you should submit an Online Application for waiving the Target Student requirement;
  4. If an error message says, subject instructor approval is required, you should submit an Online Application for Adding a Course (which requires Instructor’s approval only);
  5. If an error message says, class full, then you should wait for someone to drop out from that class and you can register when places are available.