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Student Services
Student Services

Scholastic Awards

  1. Student(s) having awarded the First Class Honours and is the top 2% of graduate(s) (rounding to the nearest integer, but at least one award would be given for each programme/major) with the highest cumulative GPA (cGPA) in the graduating class of their programme/major will be granted the Scholastic Award of that programme/major for that year.
  2. If the percentage of graduates eligible for the award exceeds the limit of 2% because there are graduates with the identical cGPA, all graduates concerned will be granted the Scholastic Award of that programme/major.
  3. For programme of which no graduate is awarded the First Class Honours, the Department/Programme may provide strong justifications on academic grounds to nominate, for consideration of the Senate, the graduate who has attained the highest cGPA in the programme/major and whose cGPA is NOT less than 3.20 to receive the Scholastic Award.
  4. The Senate reserves the right to refuse granting Scholastic Award to students who have satisfied the above award criteria but have breached the University's standards of conduct.