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Student Services

Honours Classification

There are 2 different systems of classification for degree programmes, one for Honours Degree programmes and the other for General (Non-Honours) Degree programmes.


Students enrolled on Honours Degree programmes will be awarded, upon completion of all requirements, the appropriate Bachelor’s degree with one of the following classifications:

  1. First Class Honours
  2. Second Class (Division I) Honours
  3. Second Class (Division II) Honours
  4. Third Class Honours
  5. Pass

In the case of a Pass, the General Degree with a Pass will be awarded.



The various classifications are based on the cumulative Grade Point Average (cGPA).  The general guidelines are as follows:

cGPAHonours Classification
3.40–4.00First Class
3.00–3.39Second Class (Division I)
2.50–2.99Second Class (Division II)
2.20–2.49Third Class



For programmes which award the General Degree as a distinct pathway option open to students, the cumulative GPA is again employed to determine different designations:


cGPADesignation of Degree
3.40–4.00Degree with Distinction
2.67–3.39Degree with Merit
2.00–2.66Pass Degree



In all cases of classification/designation of degrees, the cumulative GPAs cited above are indicative.  The Senate reserves the right, upon recommendation of appropriate Department/Programme Management Committee, to make exceptions in the application of these indicative grade point averages.


Individual faculties/schools may develop additional or alternative indicators for the award classifications in the programmes.