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Quality Assurance

Interim/Exit Awards for Taught Postgraduate (TPg) Programmes

Policy Guidelines 

  1. The number of units required for an interim/exit award (in the form of a Postgraduate Diploma) for TPg programmes is 18.
  2. The minimum cGPA requirement for the interim/exit award is 2.5.
  3. The Postgraduate Diploma will be regarded as an interim award for programmes with a return mechanism and an exit award for those without such mechanism.

Return Mechanism

The Programme Planning Teams (PPTs)  could specify their own sets of requirements for the return mechanism, but the following rules should be observed: 

  1. The graduates should surrender the graduation certificates upon return.
  2. The graduates should apply for continuing the study of the TPg degree within 5 years of graduation from the programme of an interim/exit award.
  3. Students intending to return and resume their studies in a programme will be subject to the availability of that particular programme, and that they may be required to take extra units if the programme structure has undergone subsequent changes.

Approving Procedures

The proposal, duly-endorsed by the Faculty/School Board, should be submitted to the Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) via the Taught Postgraduate Studies Committee (TPSC) for consideration and endorsement prior to submission to the Senate for approval.