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Student Services
Student Services

Important Notes for Graduating Students

BEFORE approval of graduation:

  1. Login to BUniPort.
  2. Verify personal data (English and Chinese names will be printed on the graduation diploma) - names should be identical with those on the HKID Card.
  3. Any discrepancies, please complete the form Application for Amendment of Student Personal Data and return it to the Academic Registry immediately.


AFTER approval of graduation:

  1. Once graduation is approved by the Senate, students cannot update their information via the BUniPort.  The account for Moodle and/or other eLearning platform(s) will also cease.  However, student may still access BUniPort to view the grade report and personal data until 31 December of the year that they graduate.  Should there be any change of the personal data after graduation, students should notify Academic Registry by email to or fax to 3411 7373.  For verification purpose, the notification of change must be submitted together with a copy of the HKID Card/student card.
  2. Arrangements concerning the Commencement and collection of Diploma will be sent to students’ HKBU email accounts around late August.  For students residing in the Mainland, please be reminded to access the HKBU email account via the BUniPort.  
  3. Students may activate, before graduation, the automatic forwarding function to redirect all the emails to their personal email address.
  4. The webpage for the Commencement will usually be launched in late August, please bookmark the webpage to check out the updated information.
  5. The graduation diploma will be available for collection after the Commencement which is normally scheduled for November.  Kindly note that students have to settle all outstanding university fees, if any, before they can collect the diploma.