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Quality Assurance

Introduction of Double Major Programmes

For introduction of Double Major (DM) programmes, the Programme Planning Team is required to submit a proposal adhering to the following framework for consideration and endorsement of the Faculty/School/AVA Board prior to submission to the Senate via the Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) for approval:


General Framework

  • Each of the DMs will consist of at least 60 units.
  • Only 30 units of overlaps would be permitted.
  • A clash-free timetable will be guaranteed for core courses of both the Home and Second Majors.

Implementation Guidelines

  • A detailed joint proposal would be required from the departments of the Home and Second Majors to the Senate (via QAC) for approval on a case by case basis.
  • Details such as the time for students to declare the Second Major and the admission requirements for each of the major studies should be specified in the programme proposal for QAC's consideration.
  • Upon approval to the launch of a DM programme, implementation details would be specified by the Departments concerned.
  • All rules and regulations pertaining to the undergraduate programmes of the University shall be applicable to the DM programmes.