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Quality Assurance

Introduction of Undergraduate Double Degree Programmes with Overseas Partner Institutions

Policy Guidelines

  1. A small number of outstanding students will be selected to spend one year or longer at the partner institutions and receive one degree each from the University and the partner institution.
  2. Given the small number of target students, academic units should adopt the structure of an existing UGC-funded programme rather than developing a new programme (e.g., a new JUPAS code).
  3. Student will need to complete all requirements of both degrees. Each institution should recognize the units completed by students at the other institution as equivalent to the corresponding unit requirements of their own. Academic units should work out the major requirements by mapping their courses to the corresponding courses of the partner institution, while the General Education Office is responsible for the General Education and University Core component.
  4. The minimum number of units taken at the University should be:
Curriculum ComponentMinimum Number of Units
Whole Degree50% of 128 = 64*
Major Requirement50% of 60-67 = 30-34*
General Education and University Core50% of 31 = 15

* For programmes requiring different numbers of units, the minimum number of units completed at the University for each component should be 50% of the respective requirement, rounded up to the next integer.


Approving Procedures

To introduce a Double Degree Programme, the Programme Planning Team (PPT) is required to submit a proposal, duly-endorsed by the Faculty Board, to the Academic Development Committee (ADC) for planning approval. Following the planning approval, the PPT is required to submit a proposal, duly-endorsed by the  Faculty + Board, to the Senate for consideration and approval via the Quality Assurance Committee (QAC). For details, please refer to the approved procedures.



Last updated on 7 October 2021


+“Faculty/Faculties” is a generic and collective term referring to Faculties, Schools and the Academy of Visual Arts (AVA) of HKBU.