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TPG Studies

Special Education Needs



  1. Students who have special educational needs (SEN) arising from different types of disabilities and require reasonable adjustment and support for their studies need to register as SEN students with the University.


  1. The Taught Postgraduate Studies Section (TPSS) will send an email to all new postgraduate students at the start of the semester for SEN registration that requires them to:
    1. Complete the SEN Registration Form.
    2. Submit a professional assessment report issued within 5 years which must contain the diagnostic statement identifying the disability condition and the recommendation on reasonable academic accommodations/adjustments and or/other support services. For details of the documentation criteria, please refer to SEN/ Disability Registration Guidelines.
    3. Submit the form and relevant supporting documents to the TPSS on or before the deadline specified in the email sent to all new postgraduate students.


  1. The University will offer appropriate provisions to students who have successfully registered as SEN students. For details of the assistance and support that may be provided, please visit the website at: Unit for Students with Special Education Needs in the Office of Student Affairs.