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Quality Assurance

Introduction of Minor Programmes

Policy Guidelines 

  1. A Minor programme should consist of 15 units with at least one 3-unit course at the upper level (Level 3 or 4).
  2. A Minor programme should be developed from a Major programme of study, except for some language Minors.
  3. Applications for introducing interdisciplinary Minors, which are NOT evolved from any Major programmes, should NOT be entertained at this stage.
  4. The number of Minor programme should be confined to one per Department; and any single Department with two Minor programmes or any Minor programmes housed under a Faculty/School that are currently on offer under the 4-year curriculum would be regarded as grandfathered cases.

Target Students

To introduce a Minor Programme, the PPT should submit a Minor programme proposal, duly endorsed by the Faculty/School/Academy of Visual Arts (AVA) Board, to the Senate for consideration and approval via the Quality Assurance Committee (QAC).