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Student Services
Student Services

Suspension of Studies

2021/22 academic year and before 


  • Leave of Absence refers to the leave granted to students due to participation in internship/placement or self-arranged overseas studies.   
  • Suspension of Studies refers to the leave initiated by students due to health problems, urgent family affairs or other circumstances as deemed acceptable by the student's Department/Programme.

2022/23 academic year onwards

A new set of regulations has been implemented:


  • Leave of Absence refers to all types of leave initiated by and granted to students for reasons such as internship/placement, self-arranged overseas studies, health problems or urgent family affairs.   
  • Suspension of Studies refers only to the disciplinary sanction imposed on students by the University. 
  1. Students may be required by the University to have their studies suspended for a period up to 2 semesters as a disciplinary sanction.
  2. Certain conditions may be applicable to the students in which they must satisfy before they are allowed to resume studies and/or after they have resumed studies.  If the students cannot meet such conditions, they may be required to further suspend studies or withdraw from the University.  
  3. For suspension period lasting for 1 semester or more, a remark regarding the student’s suspension of studies will be shown on the academic transcript.