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Student Services
Student Services

Study Load

  1. Normally, students are required to register for all courses prescribed on a particular programme, including elective courses, each year.  Study schedules are available in the BUniPort and the programme document/handbook.
  2. In special circumstances when a student cannot fulfil the graduation requirements within the normal period of study and is granted extension of study, he/she will be classified as “part-time” when registering for less than 12 units in a semester during the extension period.
  3. Unless prescribed in an approved study plan, a student may NOT register for more than 18 units in a semester.  Students who wish to do so must obtain approval from the Department Head/Programme Director and the Academic Registrar during the course add/drop period.  Students who wish to register for more than 21 units must obtain support from the Department Head/Programme Director and apply to the Academic Registrar in writing.  Approval for a study load in excess of 21 units will only be given under exceptional circumstances.
  4. Students placed on academic probation must work out and agree on a study plan with their Department Head/Programme Director.  Normally, this study plan will include a reduced study load according to the following guidelines:
    (i)Those with a failure of 0–6 units in the previous semester may be required to take NOT more than 12 units in the following semester.
    (ii)Those with a failure of more than 6 units in the previous semester may be required to take NOT more than 9 units in the following semester.
  5. The President and Vice President(s) of the Students’ Union will be allowed to suspend study or reduce their study load to any number of units during their tenure in the Students’ Union, and to extend their study period up to one academic year if they so wish.  In such cases, an appropriate study plan should be drawn up by the student and approved by the Department Head/Programme Director.