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Student Services
Student Services

For students joining Cross-Institutional Schemes with local institutions

Students who have successfully completed the following cross-institutional course enrolment schemes may apply for transfer of units:


  1. Academic collaboration with City University of Hong Kong/the Chinese University of Hong Kong (for Visual Arts students) external link


         Application Form - CityU 

         Application Form - CUHK 


  1. Cross Institutional Course Enrolment Scheme with City University of Hong Kong (for Mathematic Students) external link


         Application Form 


  1. Cross-Institutional GE Course Enrollment Scheme with City University of Hong Kong external link


         Application Form 


Students who wish to apply for transfer of units should:


Step 1

Complete the application form and return it to the Academic Registry on or before the deadline (students are not required to submit the academic transcript issued by the partner institution as the partner institution will inform the Academic Registry directly of their academic results);

Step 2

Academic Registry will pass the application form to the relevant departments for recommendation (the final approval rests with the Academic Registrar);

Step 3

Student will be notified of the result in writing normally within three weeks after the submission of the application form.


For students joining the above-mentioned schemes after graduation, no application for transfer of units will be accepted.