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Student Services
Student Services

Tuition Fee Payment Arrangements

Students are required to pay full tuition fees per semester during the normal period of study, regardless of the number of units enrolled in the semester.


Students who complete the graduation requirements within a period shorter than the normal study period owing to overload and/or having taken summer courses are still required to pay their tuition fees for the whole normal study period before they are approved to graduate.


Duration of Study ProgrammesNumber of Semester to Pay Full Tuition Fees
(regardless of the number of units enrolled)
4 years8 semesters
5 years10 semesters
6 years12 semesters

    In special circumstances when students who have paid the tuition fees for the whole normal study period are required to study beyond the normal period of study to fulfil the graduation requirements, their tuition fees will be charged as below:


    Local Students

    Units Registered in the Extended Study PeriodTuition Fee
    Less than 12 unitsBased on the number of units enrolled for the semester
    12 units or moreFull tuition fee

    A tuition fee debit note will be issued after the total number of units enrolled for the semester has been confirmed, i.e. after the course add/drop period. 



    Non-local Students

    Units Registered in the Extended Study PeriodTuition Fee

    Should NOT be less than 12 units (full-time study load) in order to comply with the student visa/entry permit requirements specified by the Immigration Department, HKSAR.

    Full tuition fee