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Student Services
Student Services

Withdrawal of Studies

  1. Students who wish to leave the University before graduation must apply for official withdrawal via BUniPort
  2. A student who leaves the University without following the proper procedures will be considered as having unofficially withdrawn.  No official documents will be issued to such a student, and he/she will not be re-admitted under this status.
  3. After the online application is submitted, it will be forwarded to the student’s major department office, Library, Office of Student Affairs, Finance Office and Academic Registry for clearance.  Students should return the University Gown, given to them at the time of admission, if any, to the Office of Student Affairs for clearance.
  4. Students are expected to attend classes and/or sit for any examinations before the application is approved.
  5. If the application is submitted after the deadline for dropping courses, the course(s) enrolled in that semester will be assigned a "W" grade which is NOT included in GPA calculation.