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Student Services
Student Services

Visa, Internship, Part-time Job Issues for Non-local Students

Student Visa/Entry Permit

In general, non-local students admitted to take up studies in the University will be granted a length of stay in line with the normal duration of their study programmes, subject to a maximum period of six years upon entry and the validity of the travel document held.


Extension of Stay

If the validity of your travel document could not cover your whole study period, you are required to apply for extension of stay 4 weeks before the limit of stay expires.  You may apply in person or authorise in writing a representative to submit the application to the Immigration Department directly.  However, you must be physically in Hong Kong on the date of submission and on the date of collection of the visa label.



Employment during the Study Programme

Before taking up any internship, part-time on-campus employment or summer job, you must obtain prior permission from the Director of Immigration.  You will be notified of the relaxation individually by a “No Objection Letter” (NOL) upon approval of entry applications.  The NOL for taking up part-time on-campus employment and summer jobs will remain valid throughout the currency of your limit of stay for studying the same approved programme.  You are in general not required to make separate applications in respect of part-time on-campus employment and summer jobs.


If your programme requires your taking up study/curriculum-related internship, the University will inform the Immigration Department of such in writing.  The NOL for taking up study/curriculum-related internship will normally be valid for one academic year.  In case of need, the University will apply for you a new NOL for taking up internship in the subsequent academic years.


For further information, please visit the following websites of the Immigration Department: external link external link