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Student Services
Student Services

Course Pre-Registration for Freshmen

The Course Pre-Registration Exercise for Freshmen has been scheduled for 14 - 16 August 2024 (the system will be shut down for maintenance from 3:30 a.m. to 5:30 a.m. every day).  Please refer to the timeslot(s) stated on your "Schedule of University Life, Orientation and Course Pre-Registration" for details.


During the assigned timeslot(s), you can login to the University Cyber Port System (BUniPort) to perform the course pre-registration (click "Studies" > "My Studies" > "Registration" > "Pre-Registration").  You are advised to check the class timetable and the relevant course information at the BUniPort before completing the registration procedures.  The class timetable of the required courses will be released at 3:00 p.m. on 14 August via the BUniPort.

The required course(s) that you need to take in Semester 1 have been assigned to you.  Please note that you are NOT allowed to drop the required course(s).  However, you may change section of the required course(s) already assigned to you if there is time conflict between your preferred elective course(s) and the required course(s).  Please note that change of section for required courses is on a first-come-first-served basis.

According to the study schedule of your study programme or the study plan worked out for you by your department, you may have to take elective course(s) (e.g. Healthy Lifestyle, Values and the Meaning of Life, or General Education courses, etc.) in Semester 1.  If this is the case, please indicate your preferences of the elective course(s) that you would like to take by clicking "Pre-registration".  Please note that pre-registration of elective/GE courses is not on a first-come-first served basis. After collecting your preferences, the system will RANDOMLY assign the elective/GE courses according to your indicated preference(s).  In order to have a better chance for successful course registration, you are encouraged to indicate 3 preferences for each course group so that if your first preference cannot be entertained, we will try your second or third preference.


You must indicate your preferences of the elective courses and change of sections for the required courses during the assigned timeslot(s).

The results for Semester 1 course pre-registration will be released by late August via the BUniPort.

Should you have any problems regarding the course pre-registration procedures, please refer to the DEMO files below:


a) Course Registration Step 1 – View Study Schedule (core courses, elective courses and no. of units required)

b) Course Registration Step 2 – View Enrolment Record and Timetable

c) Course Registration Step 3 – View Course Information (class timetable, quota, pre-/co-requisite and target students)

d) Course Registration Step 4 – Course Pre-registration 

Should you have any queries regarding the exercise, please email us at or contact us at 3411 2224 (available on 14 - 16 August only) / 3411 7847.