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Student Services

Useful Notes on Taking the Interdisciplinary Concentration

  1. Students must fulfil the Interdisciplinary Concentration requirements by using the units for free electives.
  2. No matter whether students take the Interdisciplinary Concentration or NOT, they have to meet the free elective requirements to graduate.
  3. Double-counting of courses up to 6 units is permissible between the Major courses and the Interdisciplinary Concentration courses.  In fulfilling the overall units required for graduation, the units of the double-counted courses shall only be counted once.


There is no GPA requirement specifically for the Interdisciplinary Concentration.  To graduate with an Interdisciplinary Concentration, a student has to:

  1. fulfil all university general requirements.
  2. pass all courses required in the major programme and the Interdisciplinary Concentration.
  3. attain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.


Students will NOT be guaranteed a place for any course they wish to take listed under the Interdisciplinary Concentration.  Successful registration to courses is subject to the availability of course quota, clash free class schedule, etc.

  1. Students who have successfully accumulated 21 units required by the Interdisciplinary Concentration (including courses registered in their final semester) may apply for graduation with the Interdisciplinary Concentration in the final year of study from 1—31 March.
  2. The Academic Registry will email final year students to invite application for graduation with the Interdisciplinary Concentration.  The final result will be released after the course grades of the final semester have been released.


  1. Students satisfying the graduation requirements of the major programme but failing to satisfy the Interdisciplinary Concentration will graduate with the major programme only.  No extension of study will be allowed.
  2. The completion of the Interdisciplinary Concentration will be recorded on the student's academic transcript.  It will NOT be recorded on a student's graduation diploma.


For questions regarding curriculum of the Interdisciplinary Concentration, please contact the Gender Studies Concentration Management Committee at 3411 5538 or by email at


For other enquires, please contact the Academic Registry.