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Student Services
Student Services

Information for new students who are admitted directly to Year 3 to enroll in Summer Programme

To facilitate senior year entry students to take part in the exchange or internship programme as well as participating in other co-/extra-curricular activities during the two-year study period, students who have accepted the admission offer for direct entry to Year 3 of study in 2021 are invited to enrol on the summer courses in July 2021 in advance of the official commencement of studies in September.



Suggestions on Course Enrollment
For students from Institutions other than HKBU CIE


Under the four-year curriculum, all undergraduate students are required to take 31 units of University Core and GE courses. With the exception of HKBU CIE Associate Degree graduates who will be granted transfer for all the University Core and GE courses (except GE Capstone), senior year entrants from other institutions must at least take two the following categories of General Education Foundational Courses to fulfill the graduation requirements:


  • History and Civilization (Courses with course prefix GFHC)
  • Quantitative Reasoning (Courses with course prefix GFQR)
  • Values and the Meaning of Life (Courses with course prefix GFVM)

Students are recommended to take the above areas of courses during the summer in July 2021. For more details about the unit transfer arrangement of General Education Courses for Associate Degree and Higher Diploma graduates, please refer to the webpage “Exemptions & Transfer of GE Units - Non-JUPAS Applicants for Year 3 Entry.”


For students from HKBU CIE


Since students from HKBU CIE will be granted transfer for all the General Education Courses (except GE Capstone), they are recommended to take free elective courses during the summer. Students can take any courses to fulfill the free elective requirement. If students would like to use General Education Courses (courses with course prefix GFXX or GTXX) to fulfill the free elective requirement, only a maximum of 6 units will be counted towards the fulfillment of free elective requirement.


Application Form and Deadline

As course enrolment is on a first-come-first-served basis, please submit the Application Form  to the Academic Registry as early as possible. The deadline for application is 15 June 2021.