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Student Services
Student Services

Academic Advising

At university, a high degree of independence and maturity is expected from students.  University learning requires you to learn and complete assignments independently, plan your workload, meet deadlines, and organize your time.  This level of self-management can be a challenge at first, but most students thrive on it.


To help you succeed in your study, faculty and offices will make every effort to guide you towards completion of all requirements.  In addition to the Faculty/School-based orientations for new students, students can approach faculty members for academic advice.


You are encouraged to meet your academic advisor in your faculty/programme for about 6—10 hours in a given academic year to discuss your academic plan in order to achieve your major/minor programme requirements and academic goals.


Students can contact the following faculty members for Academic Advising services:


  • Faculty Advisors for broad-based programme – they will assist Year 1 students during their transition to university life and in their selection of Majors;
  • Programme/Department Advisors – they will render academic advice to second and later years students in each academic programme/department; and
  • General Education Office staff – they will provide advice to students on GE matters.


Details on the Academic Advising Programme for the following Faculties/Schools can be found at: 


You may also view who is your academic advisor via the BUniPort.  After login, click My Profile, and then Study Record & Personal Particulars.