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Student Services
Student Services

Double/Joint/Combined Degree Programmes

The University has collaborated with a number of overseas institutions to offer double/joint/combined degree programmes to selected students of the University. 


The double/joint/combined degree programmes serve the following objectives: 

  1. To provide students with more cross-cultural learning experiences and valuable exposure in different parts of the world.
  2. To further internationalize the student body of the University.
  3. To further internationalize the curriculum of the University.
  4. To benchmark the University’s study programmes with international standards.
  5. To step up academic connections and collaboration with overseas institutions.

Students enrolling on double degree programmes are expected to spend at least half of their study time in the study programme at HKBU, and spend the remaining study period at the partner institution.  


Each institution will recognize the units completed by students at the other institution as equivalent to the corresponding unit requirements of their own.


Upon completing ALL the requirements of both degrees, students will receive one degree each from the University and the partner institution

Students enrolling on joint degree programmes have to complete the requirements of the University and the partner institution.  Upon completing ALL the requirements, students will receive one single degree jointly conferred by the University and the partner institution.

Students enrolling on combined degree programmes will receive two or more qualifications of two different levels, one or more from each of the two institutions (e.g. one bachelor and one master degree or two bachelor and one master degree).  The bachelor component constitutes a joint or double degree programme.

Undergraduate Programmes

HKBU Study ProgrammePartner InstitutionWebsite
Bachelor of Business Administration (Hons.)
  • Kozminski University
Bachelor of Communication (Hons.)
  • University of Missouri 
  • University of Queensland
Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Applied Biology
  • University of Lincoln
Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Mathematics and Statistics
  • Simon Fraser University
Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons.) in European Studies
  • Sciences Po Bordeaux 
  • Sciences Po Lyon
Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons.) in Government and International Studies
  • Sciences Po Bordeaux
Bachelor of Social Sciences (Hons.) in Global and China Studies
  • Sciences Po Bordeaux



Postgraduate Programmes