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Student Services

Useful Notes on Taking a Second Major Programme


  1. Students must fulfil the second major programme requirements using the units for free electives.  This means when students choose a course to fulfil the second major programme requirement, its course group should be under free electives.
  2. No matter whether students take a second major programme or NOT, they have to meet the free elective requirements to graduate.


Transferred courses may serve to fulfil the second major programme requirement but the number of transferred units used for this purpose is limited to 40% of the unit requirement for the second major.

There is no GPA requirement specifically for the second major programme.  To graduate with a second major progarmme, a student has to:


  1. fulfil all university general requirements.
  2. pass all courses required in the home major and the second major programmes.
  3. attain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0.


Students will NOT be guaranteed a place for any course they wish to take listed under the second major programme.  Successful registration to courses is subject to the availability of course quota, clash free class schedule, etc.


Students who wish to graduate with a second major programme are required to achieve a cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 and to declare for such at the end of Year 3.

Students who have been approved to pursue a second major programme but subsequently wish to withdraw from it have to make an application to the Academic Registry.  The withdrawal is subject to the approval of the 2 departments concerned.

  1. Students satisfying the graduation requirements of the home major programme but failing to satisfy those of the second major will graduate with the home major only.  No extension of study will be allowed.
  2. Students satisfying the second major programme requirements but failing to satisfy the graduation requirements of the home major programme CANNOT graduate with the second major programme only.
  3. The completion of the second major programme will be recorded on a student’s academic transcript but NOT on the graduation diploma.


For questions regarding course registration and the double major programmes, please contact the academic departments concerned or the Academic Registry.