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Exchange Course List (Spring Semester 2022-23) (Virtual Exchange)

Please refer to the University Student Handbook for course description.


DepartmentCourse CodeCourse TitleUnitsMedium of Instruction
AFFILM3077The Art of Documentary Film3English
AFFILM3147Entertainment 3.0: Creative Industries and Technology3English
AFFILM4026East Asian Cinemas: History and Current Issues3English
ARTDGEND3005Gender, Society, Culture3English
CHIGTCU2015Creativity and Madness3English
CHIGTCU2045The Book of Changes and Constancy in Change3English
ECONBUSI2045Data Analytics for Business Decision Making3English
ECONECON1006Principles of Economics II2English
ECONECON3105Big Data Analytics with Python3English
ECONGFHC1036The Rise of China in Historical Perspective3English
ECONGTSC2026How Technology Shakes Up Our Society3English
HMWHUMN3076Digital Humanities3English
JOURCOMM2027AI and Digital Communication3English
JOURJOUR3046Critical Comparative Studies of News Media Systems3English
PHYSGTSC2016Entrepreneurship in the Innovation Era3English
RELGFHC1035Religion, Philosophy and the Rise of Modern Science3English
RELGFVM1027Ethical Controversies in Hong Kong Today3English
RELGFVM1037Ideologies, Worldviews and Modern History3English
RELGTSC2037Science, Technology and Religion3English
SOCSOCI3047Consumption in China3English
SOCUCHL1076Health through Balance: Achieving Physical, Social and Emotional Wellbeing2English

(Last updated on 29 December 2022)