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Exchange Course List (Spring Semester 2021-21) (Virtual Exchange)

Please refer to the University Student Handbook for course description.


DepartmentCourse CodeCourse TitleUnitsMedium of Instruction
AFFILM4055Television and New Media3English
ARTDGEND3005Gender, Society, Culture3English
CHIGTCU2015Creativity and Madness3English
COMPCOMP4125Visual Analytics3English
ENGENGL2025The Art of Storytelling3English
ENGENGL3026Special Topic in Language3English
ENGENGL4007Advanced Topic in Linguistic Theory3English
HMWHUMN3076Digital Humanities3English
JOURGCAP3117Data Storytelling for Gender Equality3English
JOURJOUR3046Critical Comparative Studies of News Media Systems3English
JOURJOUR3136International News in a Globalized World3English
LCGCAP3056Taking a Stand: Engaging in Public Discourse through Advanced Research and Writing3English
LCGTCU2016English in the World Today3English
LCGTCU2025Gender, Language, and Creativity3English
LCLANG1035Foundation Cantonese I3Cantonese
LCLANG1105Introductory Mandarin for Non-Chinese Speakers (Part I)3English
LCLANG1106Introductory Mandarin for Non-Chinese Speakers (Part II)3English
LCLANG1107Introductory Cantonese for Non-Chinese Speakers3English
LCUCLC1016University Chinese (Syllabus B)3Cantonese
LCUCLC1017Chinese II3Putonghua
MATHGFQR1036Algorithmic Life3English
MATHGFQR1037Hands on Little and Big Data3English
MATHGFQR1045Making a Smart Decision3English
MATHGTSC2027Mathematics on the Battlefields3English
MATHGTSC2035Playing Sound3English
MATHMATH1005Calculus I3English
MATHMATH1025Introduction to Mathematics and Statistics3English
MATHMATH2207Linear Algebra3English
MATHMATH2215Mathematical Analysis3English
MATHMATH2216Statistical Methods and Theory3English
MATHMATH2225Calculus II3English
PHYSGTSC2016Entrepreneurship in the Innovation Era3English
SOCSOCI3045China and Tourism3English
SOCSOCI3047Consumption in China3English
SOCSOCI4015East Asia: Economic Miracles and Social Change3English

(Last updated on 5 January 2022)