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Exchange Course List (Fall Semester 2020-21)

Please refer to the University Student Handbook for course description.


DepartmentCourse CodeCourse TitleUnitsMedium of Instruction
ACLWACCT1005Principles of Accounting I3E
ACLWACCT2005Intermediate Accounting I3E
ACLWACCT3005Cost & Management Accounting I3E
ACLWACCT3006Hong Kong Taxation3E
ACLWACCT4005Advanced Accounting I3E
ACLWACCT4006Auditing I3E
ACLWACCT4016Tax Planning and Management3E
ACLWGCAP3037How Should the Government Spend Our Money3E
ACLWGDBU1005Accounting for Business Decisions3E
ACLWGFQR1047Unveil the Numbers Before You Invest3E
ACLWGTSC2007Cyberspace and the Law: Your Rights and Duties3E
ACLWGTSU2017Law and Humanities3E
ACLWGTSU2027Tax: Answer for Wealth Inequality3E
ACLWLLAW3005Company Law3E
ACLWLLAW3007Principles of Law3E
AFCOMM1017Multimedia Storytelling3E
AFCOMM2017Visual Communication3E
AFFILM2005History of Cinema3E
AFFILM2006Introduction to Production3E
AFFILM2025Visual Communication3E
AFFILM2057Visual Expression3E
AFFILM2066Reading Literature3E
AFFILM3016Non-Fiction Film3E
AFFILM3027Television Studio Production3E
AFFILM3066Television/Streaming Programming and Concepts3E
AFFILM3077The Art of Documentary Film3E
AFFILM3087Understanding Animation3E
AFFILM3095Animation Workshop I: Principles, Aesthetics, and Production3E
AFFILM3106Sound Design for Animation3E
AFFILM4017Motion Graphic Design3E
AFFILM4026East Asian Cinemas: History and Current Issues3E
AFFILM4027Special Topic in Film3E
AFFILM4035Production Management3E
AFFILM4037Studies in French Cinema3E
AFFILM4045Studies in German Cinema3E
AFFILM4047Film Theory and Criticism3E
AFFILM4055Television and New Media3E
AFFILM4056Character Design and Storyboarding3E
AFGCAP3045Hong Kong Cinema, Culture, and Society3E
AFGCHC1077Understanding the 20th Century through Film3E
AFGDAR1897Creative Thinking3E
AFGDCV1007Hong Kong Cinema and Hong Kong Culture3E
AFGDCV1917Aesthetics in Human Movement3E
BIOLBIOL1005Introduction to Biology3E
BIOLBIOL2005Biological Chemistry3E
BIOLBIOL2007Microbiology Laboratory1E
BIOLBIOL2037Introduction to Agricultural Science and Food Systems3E
BIOLBIOL2045Natural Resources and Environment3E
BIOLBIOL3015Ecology Laboratory1E
BIOLBIOL3017Molecular Biology3E
BIOLBIOL3055Biological Resources and Management3E
BIOLBIOL3057Marine Biology3E
BIOLBIOL4005Biotechnology Studies Laboratory I2E
BIOLBIOL4006Environmental Science Laboratory I2E
BIOLBIOL4007Molecular Biotechnology3E
BIOLBIOL4015Fermentation and Enzyme Technology3E
BIOLBIOL4016Principles of Environmental Management3E
BIOLBIOL4035Biological Resources and Management3E
BIOLGDSC1007You and Your Health3E
CHEMCHEM1005Introduction to Chemistry3E
CHEMCHEM2006Integrated Chemistry Tutorials I0E
CHEMCHEM2037Analytical and Testing Sciences Tutorials I0E
CHEMCHEM4026Advanced Materials3E
CHEMCHEM4047Pharmaceutical Chemistry3E
CHEMCHEM4085Food Analysis3E
CHICHIL2036Chinese Literary Masterpieces and Arts3E
CMTRUCHL1056Introduction to Health Cultivation and Lifestyle Medicine2E
COMPCOMP1005Essence of Computing3E
COMPCOMP1006Facets of Computing1E
COMPCOMP1007Introduction to Python and Its Applications3E
COMPCOMP2006Computer Organization3E
COMPCOMP2026Problem Solving using Object Oriented Programming4E
COMPCOMP2865Fundamentals of Data Analysis and Management3E
COMPCOMP3005Design and Analysis of Algorithms3E
COMPCOMP3015Data Communication and Networking3E
COMPCOMP4015Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning3E
COMPCOMP4035Database System Implementation3E
COMPCOMP4047Internet and World Wide Web3E
COMPCOMP4085Selected Topics in Intelligent Informatics3E
COMPCOMP4097Mobile Computing3E
COMPCOMP4106E-Business Technology3E
COMPCOMP4116Information Systems Management3E
COMPCOMP4126Health Informatics: Technology and Practices3E
COMPGFQR1026Big Data in "X"3E
COMPGFQR1027Data Analytic Skills for Your Future Workplace3E
COMPGFQR1035Life is a Game; How to Win?3E
COMPITEC1007Getting Started with Artificial Intelligence3E
COMPITEC2016Data-Driven Visualization for the Web3E
COMSCOMM1015Introduction to Media and Communication3E
COMSCOMM2006Communication Theory (Communication Studies)3E
COMSCOMM2026Nonverbal Communication3E
COMSGCPS1005Public Speaking3E
COMSGDCV1017Communication in Interpersonal Encounters3E
COMSORGC2007Organizational Communication3E
COMSORGC2035Communication for Service Management3E
COMSORGC3015Intercultural Communication3E
COMSORGC3047Organizational Event Planning and Management3E
COMSORGC4005Leadership Communication3E
COMSORGC4027Special Topics in Communication Studies3E
COMSORGC4036Organizational Decision Making and Problem Solving3E
COMSPRAD2005Introduction to Public Relations and Advertising3E
COMSPRAD2007Principles and Practices of Advertising3E
COMSPRAD2015Principles and Practices of Public Relations3E
COMSPRAD2026Organizational Communication3E
COMSPRAD3017Strategic Communication and Emerging Media Trends3E
COMSPRAD3035Public Relations Writing3E
COMSPRAD3046Audience Measurement and Engagement3E
COMSPRAD4016Strategic Issues and Crisis Management3E
COMSPRAD4025Branding and Communication3E
COMSPRAD4047Luxury and Services Branding3E
ECONCHSE4007Money and Finance in China3E
ECONECON1005Principles of Economics I3E
ECONECON1006Principles of Economics II2E
ECONECON1007Basic Economic Principles3E
ECONECON2015Hong Kong Economy3E
ECONECON2016Mathematics for Economists3E
ECONECON2035Introduction to Technical Analysis3E
ECONECON3005Applied Econometrics3E
ECONECON3016International Trade3E
ECONECON3025Money and Banking3E
ECONECON3026Chinese Economic Developments3E
ECONECON3055Games and Economic Decisions3E
ECONECON3076Intermediate Microeconomics3E
ECONECON3086Programming for Economic and Business Analysis3E
ECONECON4007Money and Finance in China3E
ECONECON4015Big Data Analytics3E
ECONGCAP3096GE Capstone Interdisciplinary Study on Sustainable Development3E
ECONGFHC1036The Rise of China in Historical Perspective3E
ECONGFQR1046Demystifying Data-Driven Strategies and Policies with Excel3E
ECONGFVM1055Towards a Moral Economy3E
ECONGTSC2026How Technology Shakes Up Our Society3E
ECONGTSU2007Fighting Poverty and Striving for a Sustainable Society3E
ECONGTSU2025Racing Against the Clock: Saving Environment for the Future Generations3E
ECONGTSU2046Towards Evidence-Based Solutions to Our Social Problems3E
EDUCGDSS1016Internet Identities, New Media Literacies and Ethics3E
EDUCPSYC1005Principles of Psychology3E
EDUCPSYC2005Introduction to Health Psychology3E
EDUCPSYC2016Social Psychology3E
EDUCPSYC3006Positive Psychology3E
ENGENGL1005English, Creativity, and Cultures3E
ENGENGL2005Introduction to the Study of Language3E
ENGENGL2006Language, Culture and Society3E
ENGENGL2007Literary and Comparative Studies3E
ENGENGL2015Literature and Culture3E
ENGENGL2026Argumentation and Persuasion3E
ENGENGL2027Academic and Professional Writing3E
ENGENGL2035The Short Story3E
ENGENGL3026Special Topic in Language3E
ENGENGL3027Special Topic in Linguistic Theory3E
ENGENGL3105Twentieth-Century Literature3E
ENGENGL3106Modern and Contemporary Poetry3E
ENGENGL3107Acquiring and Learning a Language3E
ENGENGL3306Understanding Phonological Patterns3E
ENGENGL4007Advanced Topic in Linguistic Theory3E
ENGENGL4067Comics and Graphic Novels3E
ENGENGL4077Detective Fiction3E
ENGENGL4085Special Topic in Literature3E
ENGENGL4086Shakespeare and His Contemporaries3E
FDSBUSI2036Mathematics for Business3E
FDSBUSI3007Business Research Methods3E
FDSFINE1005Financial Planning and Investment Analysis3E
FDSFINE2005Financial Management3E
FDSFINE2006Banking and Credit3E
FDSFINE3006Introduction to Futures and Options Markets3E
FDSFINE3007Fixed Income Securities3E
FDSFINE3015Corporate Finance3E
FDSFINE3025Entrepreneurial Finance3E
FDSFINE4016Business Valuation Using Financial Statements3E
FDSFINE4017Financial Markets in China3E
FDSGCAP3166Financial Planning: a Pre-emptive Measure to Various Social Issues3E
FDSGCAP3167Digital Self-service and Digital Inclusion in an Ageing Society3E
FDSGTSU2037Sustainability through Digitalization: Active and Responsible Citizens in the Digital World3E
FDSISEM2005Management Information Systems3E
FDSISEM2006Programming for Business Applications using Python3E
FDSISEM3006Data Management in Business3E
FDSISEM3035Introduction to Business Data Analytics and Visualization3E
FDSISEM4006Electronic Commerce3E
FDSISEM4015Seminar in Information Systems and e-Business Management3E
FDSISEM4016Web Site Design and Business Applications3E
FDSISEM4025Information Systems Auditing3E
FDSISEM4035Blockchain: Cryptocurrencies and Other Business Applications3E
GCSTGCST1005Approaches in Global Studies3E
GEOGCHSG2025Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta: A Survey3E
GEOGGDSS1037People and the Environment3E
GEOGGEOG2005Cultures, Peoples and Landscapes3E
GEOGGEOG2006Earth Systems: Shaping Landscapes3E
GEOGGEOG2007Introduction to Quantitative Methods in Geography3E
GEOGGEOG2025Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta: A Survey3E
GEOGGEOG3007Energy Problems and the Environment3E
GEOGGEOG3015Geography of Health and the Environment3E
GEOGGEOG3025Population Geography3E
GEOGGEOG3027Urban Geography3E
GEOGGEOG3036Writing Spatial Stories through Qualitative Research3E
GEOGGEOG4017Geographical Information Systems3E
GEOGGEOG4027Geography of Environmental Hazards3E
GEOGGEOG4047Resource and Environmental Management in China3E
GEOGGEOG4085Urban Development in China3E
GEOGGEOG4086Urban Planning3E
GISEURO2007The Political Economy of the European Union3E
GISEURO4015Contemporary European Societies II: questions d'actualite3F
GISEURO4016Contemporary European Societies II: Struktur und Zukunft der Sozialen Marktwirtschaft3G
GISGTSU2036Ethics, Governance, and Public Policy3E
GISPOLS2006Introduction to Political Economy3E
GISPOLS2007Introduction to Research Methods3E
GISPOLS2017Foundations of International Relations3E
GISPOLS2205European Politics and Society: French Political and Government System3E
GISPOLS2206European Politics and Society: German Political Systems and Society3E
GISPOLS3206Government and Politics of Japan3E
GISPOLS3207Government and Politics of the United Kingdom3E
GISPOLS3217Political Philosophy: Chinese and European3E
GISPOLS4005World Order Issues3E
GISPOLS4227Security Studies3E
GISPOLS4236Theories of International Relations3E
HISTCHSH3105Contemporary China3E
HISTGCAP3007A Tale of Two Cities3E
HISTGCAP3015Ecotourism in GBA (Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area): Planning and Design3E
HISTGCAP3016Historic Landmarks, Heritage and Community3E
HISTGCAP3155Hong Kong Vision: Learning in the Village Community3E
HISTGDAR1955Rejected "knowledge": learning about things most people have stopped caring about3E
HISTGDSS1955Rejected "knowledge": learning about things most people have stopped caring about3E
HISTGFHC1037The Individual and Society3E
HISTGFHC1045Hong Kong between Past and Present3E
HISTGFHC1046An Introduction to Gender, Class and Race3E
HISTGFHC1047Cultures of Innovation and Invention in European History3E
HISTGFHC1055Global China in the Modern Age3E
HISTGTSC2015Disease and Public Health in China since 18003E
HISTGTSC2046The Press and Public Opinion in China: Past, Present and Future3E
HISTHIST1205World History: Civilizations in Contact3E
HISTHIST3105Contemporary China3E
HISTHIST3215History of the United States to 18773E
HISTHIST3306International Relations After 19453E
HISTHIST3405Historical Theory and Practice3E
HISTHIST4215Topic Studies in Western History3E
HISTHIST4335Topic Studies in Global History3E
HMWHUMN1006Introduction to the Humanities3E
HMWHUMN2036Media and Communication: Issues, Concepts and Theories3E
HMWHUMN3027Death and Culture3E
HMWHUMN3046Science Fiction, Film and Culture3E
HMWHUMN3047The Present State of the Arts3E
HMWHUMN3065Research Methods in the Humanities3E
HMWHUMN4005Asia Discourses3E
HMWHUMN4026The Art of Creating Stories: Writing and Appreciation3E
HMWHUMN4036Special Topic in Media and Cultural Studies3E
HMWHUMN4037Special Topic in Arts and Creativity3E
HMWUCHL1055How Are You, My Friend? Understanding and Loving Yourself2E
HMWWRIT2016Writing for Science3E
HMWWRIT3007Writing for New Media3E
HMWWRIT4007The Art of Creating Stories: Writing and Appreciation3E
JOURCOMM2027AI and Digital Communication3E
JOURGCAP3127Media Communication in the AI Era3E
JOURGCAP3135Sport and Disability in the Hong Kong Chinese Media3C
JOURGCAP3136Storytelling for Hong Kong Minority Communities3E
JOURJOUR2005Broadcast Reporting and Production2E
JOURJOUR2046Advanced Writing and Investigative Reporting (Chinese)3C
JOURJOUR2076Data Journalism3E
JOURJOUR2085English News Reporting and Writing3E
JOURJOUR2096Advanced News and Feature Writing (English)3E
JOURJOUR2116Finance and Economics for Journalists3E
JOURJOUR3016Political Economy for Journalists3E
JOURJOUR3047News Anchoring3E
JOURJOUR3095Business and Financial News Reporting in English3E
JOURJOUR3107Media Development in Global Perspective3E
JOURJOUR3115Media Management3E
JOURJOUR3155Investigative Reporting for Data and Media Communication2E
JOURJOUR3255Journalism Practicum I (English)2E
JOURJOUR3256Journalism Practicum II (English)2E
JOURJOUR4007Research Methods in Communication3E
JOURJOUR4025Critical Studies of Media3E
LCFREN1005French I3F
LCFREN2005French III3F
LCFREN3005French V3F
LCGERM1005German I3G
LCGERM2005German III3G
LCGERM3005Business German3G
LCGERM3015German V3G
LCJPSE1005Japanese I3J
LCJPSE1007Exploring Japanese Language, Culture and Society3E
LCJPSE2005Japanese III3J
LCJPSE3005Japanese V3J
LCJPSE3006Business Japanese3J
LCLANG1105Introductory Mandarin for Non-Chinese Speakers (Part I)3E
LCLANG1107Introductory Cantonese for Non-Chinese Speakers3E
LCLANG2046Comprehension of Modern Spoken English: Culture and Context3E
LCSPAN1005Spanish I3S
LCSPAN2005Spanish III3S
MATHGFQR1036Algorithmic Life3E
MATHGFQR1037Hands on Little and Big Data3E
MATHGFQR1045Making a Smart Decision3E
MATHGTSC2027Mathematics on the Battlefields3E
MATHGTSC2035Playing Sound3E
MATHMATH1005Calculus I3E
MATHMATH1017Mathematics for Personal Financial Management3E
MATHMATH1025Introduction to Mathematics and Statistics3E
MATHMATH1205Discrete Mathematics3E
MATHMATH2205Multivariate Calculus3E
MATHMATH2206Probability and Statistics3E
MATHMATH2207Linear Algebra3E
MATHMATH3206Numerical Methods I3E
MATHMATH3405Ordinary Differential Equations3E
MATHMATH3415Vector Calculus3E
MATHMATH3805Regression Analysis3E
MATHMATH3826Markov Chain and Queuing Theory3E
MATHMATH3837Actuarial Mathematics3E
MATHMATH4205Topics in Probability Theory and Stochastic Processes3E
MATHMATH4216Mathematical Finance3E
MGNTBUSI2005Organisational Behaviour3E
MGNTBUSI2016Entrepreneurship and New Venture3E
MGNTBUSI2035Entrepreneurship and Innovative Thinking3E
MGNTBUSI3046Business Communications3E
MGNTBUSI4006Strategic Management3E
MGNTBUSI4015Corporate Entrepreneurship3E
MGNTGCAP3077Entrepreneurial and Innovative Solutions to Social Problems3E
MGNTGDBU1057Developing Effective Leadership Skills3E
MGNTGFVM1056Evil Business? Psychology, Politics and Philosophy of Business Ethics3E
MGNTGTSC2047When Science Fiction Comes True: The Future of Humanity3E
MGNTGTSU2005Community Sustainability and Business3E
MGNTHRMN2005Human Resources Management3E
MGNTHRMN3005Human Resources Development3E
MGNTHRMN3007Applied Social Psychology in Organizations3E
MGNTHRMN4005Performance Appraisal and Rewards3E
MGNTHRMN4016Human Resources Research Methods and Analytics3E
MKTBUSI1005The World of Business (for non-BBA students)3E
MKTBUSI3006Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility3E
MKTBUSI3017International Business3E
MKTMKTG2005Marketing Management3E
MKTMKTG3006Global Marketing3E
MKTMKTG3007Consumer Behaviour3E
MKTMKTG3017Services Marketing3E
MKTMKTG3026Strategic Digital Marketing3E
MKTMKTG4005Strategic Marketing3E
MKTMKTG4007Brand Management3E
MUSMUSI1018Ensemble I1E
MUSMUSI2018Ensemble III1E
MUSMUSI3018Ensemble V1E
MUSMUSI3046Western Music History Topic I2E
MUSMUSI3047Western Music History Topic II2E
MUSMUSI4018Ensemble VII1E
PHYSGTSC2005Astronomy for the 21st Century3E
PHYSGTSU2015Green Energy Innovation for Sustainable City3E
PHYSPHYS1005Introduction to Green Energy3E
PHYSPHYS1006Introduction to Physics3E
PHYSPHYS2005Heat and Motion3E
PHYSPHYS2015Guided Study in Physics and Energy Science I3E
PHYSPHYS2016Mathematical Methods for Physical Sciences I3E
PHYSPHYS2018Experimental Lab I1E
PHYSPHYS2025Renewable Energy Sources and Technologies I3E
PHYSPHYS3005Atomic and Nuclear Physics4E
PHYSPHYS3017Green Energy Lab with Computers and Personal Mobile Devices3E
PHYSPHYS3026Instrumentation and Data Acquisition Laboratory3E
PHYSPHYS3047Thermal and Statistical Physics3E
PHYSPHYS4035Topics in Energy Science I3E
PHYSPHYS4046Quantum Mechanics3E
PHYSPHYS4056Energy Management I3E
PHYSPHYS4075Solid State Physics3E
PHYSSCIP4005Interdisciplinary Topics in Science - Organic Electronics3E
RELGCVM1027Good Life in a World of Self-interest3E
RELGCVM1076Whose Justice? And for Whom?3E
RELGFHC1027History, Memory and Justice3E
RELGFHC1035Religion, Philosophy and the Rise of Modern Science3E
RELGFVM1027Ethical Controversies in Hong Kong Today3E
RELGFVM1035Freedom in Modern Society3E
RELGFVM1036Happiness: East and West3E
RELGFVM1037Ideologies, Worldviews and Modern History3E
RELGFVM1045Matters of Life and Death3E
RELGFVM1046The Meaning of Love, Sex and Body3E
RELGTCU2055Understanding Dreams3E
RELGTSU2016Human Rights in a Multicultural World3E
RELRELI2006Introduction to Christianity and Civilizations3E
RELRELI2007Problems of Philosophy3E
RELRELI2015Approaches to the Study of Religion3E
RELRELI3037Christian Spirituality3E
RELRELI3056Philosophy of Mind, Consciousness, and Personal Identity3E
RELRELI3096Contemporary Analytic Philosophy3E
RELRELI4035Comparative Religious Themes3E
RELRELI4047Mind in Chinese Buddhist Philosophy3E
SOCGCAP3156Taste, Environment and Technology: Food as a Lens3E
SOCGTSU2035Understanding Social Sustainability Through Documentary Films3E
SOCSOCI1005Invitation to Sociology3E
SOCSOCI2017Popular Culture and Society3E
SOCSOCI2036Sociology of Marriage and the Family3E
SOCSOCI3007Global Social Transformations3E
SOCSOCI3016Political Sociology3E
SOCSOCI3045China and Tourism3E
SOCSOCI4046Social Networks and Chinese Society3E
SOCSOCI4055Gender in Contemporary China3E
SOWKSOWK1005Social Work in Contemporary Society3E
SPEHPERM2006Organization and Administration in Physical Education and Recreation3E
SPEHPERM3026Nutrition and Health3E
SPEHPERM4115Marketing in Sport and Leisure Services3E
TIISTRAN2017Reading Chinese Literature in Translation3E
TIISTRAN3007Culture and Translation3E
TIISTRAN3026Media Translation3E
TIISTRAN4027Special Topic(s) in Translation3E
VAGTCU2005Art, Culture and Creativity3E
VAGTCU2017Eurasian Encounters in Art3E
VAGTCU2046The Synergy of Chinese Calligraphy and Literature as Self-Expression3E
VAUCHL1057The Art of Mindfulness2E