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Application for Assignment of DT/S/U Grades

Applicable to Undergraduate Students ONLY (Semester 1, 2020-21)

Considering that mixed-mode teaching (i.e. online teaching conducted in parallel with face-to-face teaching) is adopted in this semester and the possible impact on students’ academic performance caused by factors like unstable Wi-Fi connection, noisy home situation, emotional stress from the pandemic etc. which are beyond students’ control, the University has approved to adopt the measure of allowing students to apply for the assignment of Distinction/Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (DT/S/U) grades for all courses that students enrol in Semester 1, 2020-21.


Should you wish to apply for the assignment of DT/S/U* grades in this semester, please submit your application to the Academic Registry via the Online Form in BUniPort on or before 30 November 2020Late application will not be considered.


Approval will only be granted to applications on the grounds that is beyond student’s control.  To support your application, please attach supporting document(s) as far as possible.


Please note that:

  1. If an application is approved, ALL* courses that the applicant has enrolled in Semester 1, 2020-21 will be converted to DT/S/U^ grades according to the conversion table shown in item 2 below.

    * Except for (i) courses approved for withdrawal which will be assigned "W" grade; (ii) courses that must be assigned letter grades as advised by Departments/Programmes (please click here for the course list).

    ^ For courses at postgraduate level, Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory (S/U) grades will be assigned.
  2. The conversion of letter grades to DT/S/U grades is as follows:
    Letter GradeDistinction / Satisfactory / UnsatisfactoryUnit Gained
    Undergraduate CoursePostgraduate Course
    A , A-DistinctionSatisfactoryYes
    B+, B, B-, C+, C, C-, DSatisfactorySatisfactoryYes
  3. The assignment of DT/S/U grades, if approved, is only applicable to the grades assigned in this semester.  If the course is a year course, the DT/S/U grade will only be applied to the part of the year course enrolled in Semester 1, 2020-21.  If the grade is pending upon the completion of the whole year course in Semester 2, the pending grade in Semester 1 will be converted to DT/S/U grade when the grade is available in Semester 2.  The grade for the part of the year course enrolled in Semester 2 will not be converted and will remain the letter grade assigned by the course instructor.

 Please study the following CAREFULLY before you submit your application:

  1. DT/S/U grades are not included in the calculation of grade point average (GPA).  As such, being assigned DT/S/U grades may affect your future applications for exchange study / scholarships, and/or assignment to major programme (for students in Year 1 under broad-based admission) etc. for which GPA is a selection criterion.  Besides, employers and universities would also look at transcripts in some detail when making decisions about job offer and postgraduate admission.  Having too many DT/S/U grades during your studies may place yourselves at disadvantage. 
  2. Please also be reminded that according to University regulations, though the award of honours classifications is normally based on students’ cumulative grade point average (cGPA), the cGPA guidelines stipulated in the University Student Handbook are indicative.  The Senate reserves the right, upon recommendation of appropriate Programme Management Committee, to make exceptions in the application of the indicative GPAs.  If you have a lot of grades that are not counted towards GPA calculation (e.g. DT, S, U, TR), the Senate has the right to make exceptions not to follow the indicative GPA guidelines in the award of your honours classification.
  3. You are advised to thoroughly review your own individual circumstances and consider the implications carefully before making an application, especially if you have already been assigned DT/S/U grades under the special grading arrangement in the past two semesters or if you are a student admitted directly to Year 3 of study.
  4. Application result will be sent to your HKBU email account by 15 December 2020 the latest.
  5. Once your application is approved, no withdrawal of the application will be accepted.