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graduate services
Graduate Services

Rehearsal and Conferment of Degrees

50 minutes before the ceremony

All graduates are required to put on the academic regalia, and arrive at the Academic Community Hall for rehearsal.

45 minutes before the ceremony

Briefing on ceremonial procedures and rehearsal at the Academic Community Hall.

30 minutes before the ceremony

Guests to be seated.

Ceremony begins

Graduates and guests will be invited to stand up, processional music will start.


When the National Anthem is played, please take off the cap.


When the Dean says:

“Will the candidates for the degree of Doctor/Master/Postgraduate Diploma/Bachelor of XXXXXX please rise.”


Graduates of the corresponding degree have to rise, put their caps on with the tassels on the right.


The Dean will then address the Presiding Officer as follows:

"Mr Chairman, I have the honour to present to you the candidates for the degree of Doctor/Master/Postgraduate Diploma/Bachelor of XXXXXX.  I request that you award the degree to those who are present, and to the other eligible candidates in absentia."


The Presiding Officer will say:

“By virtue of the authority vested in me by the Hong Kong Baptist University, I hereby award each of you the degree of Doctor/Master/Postgraduate Diploma/Bachelor of XXXXXX.”


Corresponding graudates have to flip their tassels from their right to their left.


The Programme Marshal will lead the graduates to go to the stage via the right aisle of graduates' seat.



The first candidate will proceed to the platform.  He/She will hand his/her name card to the Programme Marshal who will read out his/her name.


The candidate will walk to the Dean to receive the diploma folder, and then walk to the front of the Presiding Officer and bow to him.


The candidate will then descend the stage using the stairs on the left, return to his/her seat and be seated.



When the first candidate is proceeding to the Dean to receive the folder, the second candidate will hand his/her name card to the Programme Marshal.

(The same procedures apply to all candidates.)



After the last candidate of the programme has descended the platform, the Programme Marshal will also descend the platform.



Commencement rehearsal videos are also made for your easy reference.  Please take a look at it beforehand so as to familiarize yourself with the procedures: