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graduate services
Graduate Services

Rental of Academic Regalia

A full set of academic regalia consists of a gown, a hood and a mortarboard.  

Graduates of Doctoral Degrees, Master's Degrees, Postgraduate Diplomas, Self-funded Bachelor's Degrees and Conversion Programmes can rent a full set of academic regalia at Victoria Uniform for the ceremony.


Graduates of UGC-funded Bachelor's Degrees can rent a hood and a mortarboard at Victoria Uniform as they had been given a gown at the time of admission.  If they had lost the gown, they would need to pay an additional rental fee for the gown.   

The gown-hiring service is provided by Victoria Uniform.  Please refer to its website external link for making on-line reservation of graduation gowns.  Information on the address, opening hours and telephone numbers of the rental outlets is also available on the website.


Graduates should use an HKBU online system code to login to the website external link of Victoria Uniform for making reservation. 


Details of the online system code:


DegreeOnline System Code
Doctoral DegreeHKBU-D-21
Master's DegreeHKBU-M-21
Postgraduate DiplomaHKBU-PGD-21
Bachelor's DegreeHKBU-B3-21 (3 pieces*)

HKBU-B2-21 (2 pieces*) – for students who have already collected the gown at the time of admission

* 3 pieces: Gown, Hood, and Mortarboard
* 2 pieces: Hood and Mortarboard

The graduation gown collection period: 19 October to 22 November 2021 

The rental period is counted on a 35-calendar-day basis, both day of collection and day of return inclusive.  Should you want to extend the rental period, please pay an extension fee.  For details of the rental fee, deposit, extension fee and damage charges, please visit the website external link of Victoria Uniform.

If the full set of academic regalia is returned on time and in good condition, the deposit will be refunded to you in full by Victoria Uniform upon return of the academic regalia at the rental outlet.

For enquiries, please contact Victoria Uniform at 3118 4396, or our Finance Office at 3411 5016.